Sharktooth Control Valves

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Sharktooth™ Control Valves

Sharktooth™ Control Valves provide all the latest in control valve innovation, technology and valve acoustics. By inserting our patented Yeary Controls, “Throttling Trim Cartridges” into our Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves, control valves are created that exhibit significant improvements in performance, simplicity, and economy. Sharktooth control valves have excellent throttling characteristics and, also, provide aerodynamic noise attenuation, and liquid cavitation reductions. They are suitable for a wide range of services from cryogenic temperatures, up to 850° F, including liquids, gasses, and steam.

Performance, Simplicity, and Economy!

The Sharktooth “Throttling Trim Cartridge” is used to turn the Yeary Triple-Off-Set Butterfly Valves into excellent throttling control valves. Now, just one style of valve can be used for both on-off and control applications.
Sharktooth Control Valve

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