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The RealStream™ Lift Station Solution

RealStream™ Lift Station

Fully Configurable Lift Station Controller and Display

Don’t just record what your station does - control it!

The RealStream™ Lift Station solution is a fully- configurable lift station controller and display that enables monitoring and control of lift stations leveraging the Schneider Electric SCADAPack™ E Smart RTU technology. The RealStream™ supports the control of up to four pumps. This easy-to-deploy solution allows standardization of collection network assets and can improve the equipment's visibility and life. The RealStream™ Solution includes a RealStream Lift Station Controller and a Graphic Display Terminal.

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RealStream™ Lift Station Features

  • Fully-configurable lift station controller that quantifies station efficiency to cost of operating each station, allowing comparisons among all lift stations in the network
  • Supports DNP3 Level 4 with
  • SAv2 offering security and built-in communication tuning capabilities.
  • Helps to ensure that data is available for regulation purposes and remote monitoring through local logging of station performance.
  • Increases asset life through advanced wet well level control and pump control.
  • Increases visibility to lift station operation through automatic alerts and alarms.

RealStream™ Screen

The strength of the RealStream Lift Station Solution lies in its ability to monitor AND control the entire waste water operation. By giving operators local and remote access to operating parameters such as total volume, energy consumption, and pump performance indicators, plus the controls to adjust operations accordingly, operators can:

  • Improve overall system performance
  • Reduce the time to manage the system
  • Optimize capital and maintenance expenditures 

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