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The Ashcroft GXLdp Differential Indicating Pressure Transmitter

GXLdp Differential Indicating Pressure Transmitter

For use in Pharma/Biotech Research & Production Areas, HVAC Building Automation and Comfort Control, Airflow Measurements, Critical Environmental Control, Isolation Rooms, and Cleanrooms

The Ashcroft® GXLdp differential pressure transmitter with a display intended for use in pharmaceutical and critical care applications such as isolation and clean rooms. The GXLdp allows the user to select between multiple outputs (4-20ma and voltage) and perform field calibration via external pushbuttons. It uses the patented Ashcroft SpoolCal® actuator to provide in-place system calibration without disrupting process connections. It employs Ashcroft's SiGlas™ technology, which offers unrivaled measurement sensitivity and long-term repeatability.

GXLdp Differential Indicating Pressure Transmitter

The GXLdp includes features such as PNP or NPN switches that to reduce installation time and costs. It is built to Ashcroft's simple TruAccuracy™ terminal point standard, eliminating confusion from statistically derived accuracy specifications and the need for user calibration during installation. The GXLdp, which is available in ranges as low as 0.10 in. H2O (25 Pa) is the ideal low-pressure DP sensor for Pharmaceutical and BioTech applications, isolation laboratories, semiconductors, and other mission-critical industries. A three-year product warranty covers it.

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