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Equilibar® Flow Control Valves

Equilibar Valves

Precision Control Valves for Research and Industry

The Equilibar® control valve works in a completely different way than traditional regulators and valves. Instead of a single valve seat, the Equilibar valve uses multiple orifices sealed by a flexible diaphragm. The Equilibar valve is dome-loaded by pressure on top of the diaphragm. The dome loading controls the process fluid flow proportional to that "pilot pressure" on the diaphragm. As flow requirements change, the diaphragm moves a few millimeters to open and close over some or all of the orifices, providing instantaneous and frictionless control.

Equilibar Valves

The Equilibar® valve was conceived as a precision back pressure regulator but easily reconfigured to control the flow rate in a flow control PID loop with an electronic pilot controller. Over the years, Equilibar® customers have discovered the significant benefits of the Equilibar® control valve in demanding flow control applications where the supply pressure is mainly stable.

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