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Low and Ultra-low Flow Experts

Low Flow Experts

The Expertise and Products You Need for Low and Ultra-low Flow Applications

It's challenging to apply low-flow meters and control valves to monitor and control extremely low flow rates. Many industries depend on low-flow measurement and control to maintain correct liquid flow rates in batching, water separation, paint circulation, fuel metering, and chemical injection operations.

Low-flow meters are used in chemical injection systems to determine the correct quantity of chemicals delivered to a process. Chemical dosage accuracy is crucial for efficiency and production. Adding too much chemical leads to increased expenses, while underdosing may result in premature maintenance and poor process outcomes.

Because of the modest, incremental liquid flow measurement, low-flow measurement brings about unique issues. Users must be aware of potential factors that might impair flowmeter performance and longevity, such as noise, vibration, resolution, accuracy, blockage, leakage, K factor, and pressure, and how to deal with them. Swanson Flo, fortunately, offers expertise and a wide range of low-flow meters and control valves.

LowFlow Valve
Fractional flow process control valves.

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Gas Mass Flow Meters & Controllers, Liquid Flow Meters & Controllers, Coriolis Meters And Controllers, Pressure Meters & Controllers.

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Back Pressure Regulators, Sanitary Back Pressure Regulators, Flow Control Valves, Vacuum Regulators.

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Low-flow valves, flow meters and controls are essential for guaranteeing cost-effective and efficient process operation. Swanson Flo Sales Engineers have years of experience dealing with the most challenging low-flow applications. To discuss your low flow requirement, please contact Swanson now using the form below or by calling 800-288-7926.

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